“I was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. I thought my world was over. I found out it was just different."

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Have A Bleeding Disorder?
You Are Not Alone

We work with Sanford Health and other organizations to connect families with a new diagnosis of a bleeding disorder so no one with a bleeding disorder is alone.
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Hemophilia A     Hemophilia B    Von Willebrand Disease    Other Factor Deficiencies
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“I like to think that with the support of organizations like BDAND, people with bleeding disorders are not just dealing with their bleeding disorder, but thriving because of it.” - Carson

The Work of BDAND

BDAND is not just an alliance. We are a family, banded together to provide emergency support and education to those with bleeding disorders to equip them to live life to the fullest.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is so important. We facilitate small gatherings and seminars to teach on key topics that help individuals and families learn skills and gain confidence.

We help families and individuals face financial crisis due to unforeseen expenses associated with bleeding disorders.
Emergency Support
We offer emergency financial assistance for families in need due to their bleeding disorder. Some restrictions apply. Contact us for more information.
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Events & Education
We gather often to share our stories about living with bleeding disorders.
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Each year BDAND sponsors kids ages
8-18 to go to Summer Camp


We are individuals, kids, and families with bleeding disorders who BANDED together to manage our disorders AND live life to the fullest.
Our Leadership
Emily Ouellette - Executive Director
Emily has been involved with the bleeding disorders community since 2016. She was an active volunteer on the fundraising committee and became an official board member and board secretary for BDAND in 2017. The board hiring committee hired Emily to become the new Executive Director in July, 2018. Emily has an education and French background and graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She has a passion for helping people and event planning. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, curling, travelling, and spending time with her husband Carson.
Carson Ouellette - Board Chair
Carson has been involved with the bleeding disorders community since he was diagnosed with severe hemophilia A at six months old. He attended hemophilia camp at Courage North near Bemidji, MN for nine summers growing up. More recently, Carson was a member of the National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) a three year educational program. After graduating from Concordia College, he made a career in public service working for the United States Senate. When not working, Carson spends time with his wife Emily, and their dog Chloe.

Board Members

Miranda Solem     Whitney Roske   Samuel Friedrich Chelsey Strand
Robert Stone    Jana Suder    Kimberly Rasmussen    Krista Emineth